Buoy shipping Agency was established in 2003 has expanded and developed into an acknowledged leader which has developed reputation in providing benchmark services in the realm of logistics and shipping in Western India region with head office based in the port of Alang, Bhavnagar. We even hold the record which is the first time in history of Alang Port, for attending 2 vessels which arrived Alang for Scrapping of which one was on power and the other under tow (being towed by the vessel which is on power). The Record was that all the formalities of customs boarding and beaching etc… all of it completed in less than 24 hours. We cover all aspects of shipping activities in all major ports around the west coast of INDIA such as Alang (Bhavnagar), Pipavav, Kandla, Jamnagar and Mundra. We provide a full range of Agency Services and logistic solutions through a hard work, professionalism, innovations and profound care for our customers, we have built a reputation that is now associated with reliability, precision and personal touch and have established ourselves as one of the respected and renowned foundation. Our vision is to stick to our commitments today and confidently live tomorrow. Our mission is to provide a range of quality service of highest international standards.Our goals are to improve the level of performance of our service and support function We have superb relationship with authorities which gives us access to all useful information, best, rates, ensuring rapid reliable results. Buoy shipping Agency is continuously evolving with a focus to encompass the whole world with its services. Therefore we have proudly developed a substantial and widespread network of agents that enable us to literally cover every part of the globe. SL SHIP CATEGORY LDT/MT 1 M.V. MARWAN ROY G. CARGO 5850 MT 2 M.V. RIAMAR 1 G. CARGO 2200 MT 3 M.V. RIAMAR 2 G. CARGO 5850 MT 4 M.V. MERDIF G. CARGO 5850 MT 5 M.V. SALMA 1 G. CARGO 5850 MT 6 M.T. MONICA G. CARGO 5850 MT 7 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT 8 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT 9 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT 10 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT 11 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT 12 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT 13 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT 14 M.T. XENIA - I G. CARGO 5850 MT

OUR Markets:

BUOY GROUP  deals in various segments and have a mark its presence in more than 48 countries in the field of the Metals and Steel Industry. We play a crucial role in the steel industry, acting as a trading intermediary and value-adding service provider. BUOY GROUP services span every step in the steel supply chain. We offer materials and products ranging from base raw materials to finished products.

From the smallest foundries or smelters to the largest steelmakers, the world most successful scrap consumers trust us to provide the raw materials for their operations. We supply global industry with the basic ingredients it requires every day. The recycled ferrous scrap we supply to our customers is eventually melted into flat-rolled steel for automobiles; rebar for roadways; structural steel beams for construction; and other iron and steel products.

BUOY GROUP also supplies non-ferrous scrap mainly stainless steel scrap and aluminium,used by smelters, refiners, ingot makers, foundries, and other manufacturers. We are also into trading of semi finish steel items like Slabs and Billets to steel mills for rerolling. In the course of such trade, we also handle the trading and brokerage of the finished steels like Hot Rolled Coils, Hot Rolled Steel Plates, Cold Rolled Coils , Galvanized Steel Coils, from the mills to whom we have supplied raw materials. Our presence at each level of the supply chain gives us a dynamic competitive edge.

We seek to ensure a consistent and competitive supply of essential commodities to Steel & Metals Industry worldwide. We are now developing Iron Ore and Coal Trading Desk in our

Organisation. We aim to build our presence in every major mining region and wish to successfully meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.

We aim to provide soup-to-nuts solutions for the Steel and Energy sector.


Having established ourselves in the field of ship management, Buoy Group also diversified in the field of ship breaking. The company buys vessels for scrap on delivered basis to India or on ‘as is where is’ basis and tow them to India where it trades these vessels in the ship scrap market. In the year 1999 Buoysail Tr. Est. Traded 5 vessels for scrap and in the year 2000, 12 vessels were traded.

The business has been growing continuously and steadily with 29 Nos. vessels being scrapped by the company in 2002 and 36 Nos. in the year 2003. However year 2004 & 2005 have not witnessed growth in Scrap vessel due to high freights and fall in scrap prices all over the world. This business has proved to be a very profitable endeavor for the company in the past, and Buoysail has expertise in this field and aims to be the biggest cash buyers of scrap vessels in the gulf. 


BUOY GROUP has a reputation throughout the world for delivering quality products on time. With over 20 years’ experience and strong technical expertise we are able to identify, select and invest in different metal recycling equipment in order to deliver consistent and dependable ferrous and non ferrous products. Also in pursuance of expanding our trading activities we are aggressively working on bulk trading of Coal, Cement, Fertilizer , Iron Ore and with our past experience in bulk trading of aggregate and cement along with our logistics expertise we ensure that our customer orders are delivered on time.


The activities of Buoy Group include total management of cargo container s i.e. from collection of lades funds of various expenses including port expenses, bunkers etc, handling legal matters and complete maintenance of the containers, with well experienced top management assisted by highly qualified dedicated and determined professionals including master sailor ,sailors engineers & other specialized professionals to surveys the operations, technical, legal and financial departments, enabling smooth, safe & profitable operation of the various container under our management.

We have a well established ship broking house with a full chartering network extending mainly from Middle East, India, south Asia and far east. Buoy Group has a good experience in doing in-house broking for well know industrial units like Taiko Chandranagan Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Oswal Group, Gujarat Ambuja Exports etc. Buoy Group has an extensive hands on experience in Handling Various Cargos like Steel Beams, Aggregate, Rock Phose, Sulpher, Urea, Wheat etc. from various parts of the world.